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Sapphire Gem Adoptions :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 5 16
Mature content
Unknown Forces Live Here... :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 0 0
Pearl Gem Adoption :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 4 26 Clothes Challenge :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 4 3 Cool Amber :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 2 2 Wip of eddsworld :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 3 5 Smol Amber :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 4 21 Bad Bill :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 3 8 Mabel Pin :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 3 2 Smol Onyx :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 4 24 Bendy :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 7 2 Broken :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 3 2 Blue Diamond :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 7 20 Yes! I finally got it! :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 1 6 February 25th :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 5 27 I Don't Need a Wig To Look Beautiful~ :iconkawaiinightcore:KawaiiNightcore 1 2


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Making steven universe (fancharacters or from show) or homestuck characters
if you want color u can add 2+ points
i'll try to do ur commission as quick as possible for u all


Sapphire Gem Adoptions
Hey guys
So I decided I wanted to do another adoptions,this time its a sapphire edition 
you have 5 sapphires here
1-Red Sapphire
2-Star Sapphire ( TAKEN BY- MicheleTheChaosCat )
3-Opaque Sapphire ( TAKEN BY- Maddygirl13 )
4-Padparadscha Sapphire (I think I spelt it wrong XD)
5-Aqua Sapphire
The Points 's you can pay can be 10 or 15,I dont want it to be expensive for all of you who want to adopt a gem
If you adopt a gem,tell me if you would like for me to draw the gem you just adopted.
Also if you ask for me to draw your gem,just say if you want it to be  male or  female,I will try my best.
oh! forgot to mention,you can give me the points thru donation or maybe the point giving thing on my profile 
Unknown Forces Live Here...
Hello everyone
I have some news,im making a new adoption set but its a surprise
so as you see here,i decided to make a spooky photo
Its about unknown forces like ghosts or maybe demons that are haunting the house since forever.
Just imagine,your about to buy a house and you ask the salesman if he could give you a tour of this big house. So he does,after the tour he gives you... you feel like buying that house,so you do. But days after you just bought that house... unknown stuff start to happen... Things flying,paranormal stuff,lights flickering and a lot of noises at night.. so you decide to check the house yourself..
as you are doing that,you find a secret door and as you open that door... you go down to where that secret door leads. u feel very uncomfortable but as soon as u get to the bottom.. the door closes its self and you are locked down there.
The secrets room light flickers on,you look at the light and see bones and see fresh blood... you are scared but... ur locked down there and no one can hear u scream.
(ok I'm so sorry if I kinda scared you,i just wanted to make my own story.. heh.. if you don't feel comfortable with this post then just tell me and I will delete this)
Pearl Gem Adoption
hey everyone
I'm back with adoptions but its a pearl edition
so we have here are 6 pearls
1-Deep Purple
2-Mauve ( TAKEN BY- SaphyJay )
3-Burgundy ( TAKEN BY- SophieBloody )
4-Night blue ( TAKEN BY- SaphyJay )
5-Powder Almond (TAKEN BY- SaphyJay )
6-Tahitian ( TAKEN BY- leo0125 )
The Points 's that you can pay are 10 or 15 because I don't want to make it expensive and intense for people who want a gem
if you adopt this gem,you can pay through donation if you like or the point giving on my profile
another thing,if you want me to make the gem u adopted. just comment on my profile or the post (this one) and I will make ur gem you adopted. Also tell me if you want your gem to be a  male  or  female 
*bursts thru door*
so... lately I've been doing art... you guys are enjoying it... and I love u all... but I've been feeling like people ignore my art... idk why I am saying this but its true... it feels like everyone ignores my art.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm lesbian
I have a girlfriend
I love my friends
I love steven universe
Anime is my drug
Dont mess with me (hehe)
I love homestuck,it is my drug also


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102 / 1,000
I really wanna do this because I had another account and I lost many points and it got locked out so I am very poor on this page so I wanna do a donation point goals so I can save my points up! it will be a very nice help if someone helped! thank u

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