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Phantom Pearl by KawaiiNightcore  Cool Amber by KawaiiNightcore  Smol Amber by KawaiiNightcore  Ketchup Please? by KawaiiNightcore  Smol Onyx by KawaiiNightcore  Bendy by KawaiiNightcore 
I could do head shots of your oc's or maybe of video game characters (show characters also,it would be very fun to draw your oc or your favorite character from anything.)
Making steven universe (fancharacters or from show) or homestuck characters
if you want color u can add 2+ points
i'll try to do ur commission as quick as possible for u all


I feel like drawing vent 
idk why.. but I feel sad...
Phantom Pearl
i finished this finally
time to delete the drawing (not this,the traditional one)
Phantom Pearl
Weapon-A spear
Gem Location and Cut:Her gem is on her stomach
Alignment:She is loyal to her diamond
Appearance:she has a dark grey hair,a grey lightish (kinda) skin.her hair is puffy and soft.she loves to wear formal stuff,or maybe basic.
Voice Actress: (the first voice,i don't know the voice actor but I'm trying to look for her)
Gem type-a Pearl
Abilities-she has the ability to turn invisible when needed to
She is a calm and emotional at times
shes very sensitive when it comes to people teasing her 
She uses her spear just for protection (aka for need)
her mask resembles her emotional feelings,like the tear drop on it
she has powers (I'm sorry I forgot to add them in the application) her powers are ghost powers,she can turn invisible at times if she want to.
Her eyes are like that,there is no corruption.
Phantom pearl rarely smiles,but how you can try and make her smile is by singing,dancing or maybe complimenting her 
she gets shy around gems sometimes,if she knows those gems then she is alright with them
when you get to know Phantom pearl more she is friendly
Phantom pearl loves flowers (her favorite one is the Grey Ghost Plant Flowers,… if u wanna check them out )
Phantom pearl can sing,but she rarely does because on the about her she is very shy. she only sings when shes by herself
she likes to hide the other side of her eyes sometimes because other gems would think she would look weird
Hope you like this drawing of my emotional bean
:cherryblossom: Phantom Pearl Belongs to me:cherryblossom: 
I feel like editing me in photos now with aesthetic
New Look
Hello my fellow watchers,I got my haircut today and it looks so cool x3 (sorry I haven't been posting in a few or in a week XD,I will be posting something in a bit) what do u guys think about my haircut, is it nice? Or Lil edgy because my friend said that to me but she liked it anyone tho.
I agree with her kinda

I found a voice for my oc Phantom pearl (its the first voice),It fits her so well
(taaffeite's voice within the video is at 0:49 )
There was once a pearl,she was in white diamonds court.. She was white diamonds second servant since phantom pearl had no other job to do.. Phantom pearl would always listen to her diamond. Phantom pearl would be emotional at times so white diamond would send her to pink diamonds court to stay with the diamond for a  while... She is always quiet at times and very shy.. She's calm,she just doesn't love to hear yelling.. She only wants to see peace from every gem. 100 years later,her diamond told phantom and white pearl to escort every gem out of the court.. She said something terrible has happened and a quartz is starting to attack at many courts.. The first attack was at pink diamonds court.. The shattering..
Phantom and white pearl looked at each other.. Their diamond said "hurry,now.. Go and escort everyone out of here.. They will find a colony such as yellow diamonds or blue diamonds court.." Phantom and white pearl started going to each dorm of a gems,sapphires,rubies,quartz and every other ones.
Some fled while some stayed to help out with this situation...
Suddenly a explosion blasted through the whole court. A rose quartz and a pearl showed up,they started attacking the gems. Some gems fought trying to poof or shatter them both, all of them failed.
White pearl led phantom to an escape pod, white pearl pushed phantom into the escape pod and activated the pod. Phantom started banging on the glass,crying
"I'm sorry friend... But you have to go.. Goodbye..." Said white pearl as the pod blasted off to earth..
After a few hours of waiting to get to the earth.. She crashed into a tree. The pod opened up and she fell out of the pod onto the soft and grassy ground. She looked around,she didn't know where she was... Till she noticed she was on earth. One of pink diamonds planets...
She got up and walked around,she looked at a river and went up to it. She sat down and put her hand in it. She splashed her hand around in the water for a while
She wondered since she'll never go back to her diamond,she might as well stay here and try to survive on this planet now called home.. Forever...
Hope you liked her backstory



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


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United States
I'm lesbian
I have a girlfriend,I love her very much
I love my friends
I love steven universe
Anime is my drug
I am a trash bin when it comes to fandoms
I love homestuck,it is my drug also
Gravity Falls is still alive forever in our hearts (for people who like it)


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